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We deliver revenue-generating digital marketing solutions.

Although each channel has its own advantages, we have learned through our years of experience that they all work best when strategically paired with other channels. We therefore offer full-service strategies to each of our customers and use a combination of digital channels to increase visibility, conversion and revenue.

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Digital Analytik Is More Than Just A Place To Work

At Digital Analytik, our customers are always our priority – but we strongly believe in creating more of an environment than just a place to work. Building a positive organization culture has always been important to us, and as a result, we now work with over 100+ clients on a daily basis.

Not only because of the renovated building, company bikes and kayaks, weekly yoga sessions and incentives like our office in the interior barista — we know they definitely don’t hurt. But our commitment to positivity as a core element of our company values really sets Digital Analytik apart. We strive to replace complaints with solutions, use challenges to our advantage and bring energy and creativity to every project we undertake.